Tooth Cracks And Breaks - Two Signs That You Need To See An Emergency Dentist

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Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and a chipped tooth may be one of these emergencies. Teeth chip due to falls, sports injuries, and biting down too hard. A chip or break may also occur if you allow a cavity to grow large and deep within the tooth. While a simple chip can likely be fixed during normal dental hours with the assistance of a resin filling, some breaks require attention right away. Keep reading to learn about some signs that you should see a 24 hour dentist as soon as possible.

Your Jaw Swells

Sometimes, when a tooth cracks due to a fall, you will see swelling build around the face. When this happens, you may be experiencing a traumatic injury that lies below the gum line. One of the most common injuries will be a tooth crack that extends all the way down the root of the tooth. This type of injury will typically develop with significant pain due to the exposure of the nerve endings that sit along the tips of the tooth. You will likely see a crack in your tooth extending down beneath the gums. If you notice this type of vertical fracture, then an extraction will likely need to be completed.

If you do not see a crack, but the chipped tooth seems loose in the socket, then the swelling may indicate that you have a sprained tooth. This occurs when a jolt to your tooth causes the periodontal ligament to become strained or ripped. Each one of your teeth has a ligament attached to it that helps to keep the tooth firmly in position. When the ligament becomes damaged, the loose tooth must be splinted while the ligament heals to keep the tooth from becoming completely dislodged.

If a blow to the face has caused a tooth to chip, then it is possible that the incident has also caused a fracture or crack across your jawbone. Swelling and teeth that do not meet together as well as they did before the incident may suggest that this is the case. If this type of injury occurs, then your emergency dentist will x-ray your mouth. Your jaw will most likely need to be reset so the fracture can heal. A soft diet will need to be followed as well.

You Notice Pink Tissues

While most chips usually occur across the cusp or cause a crack to from down the side of the tooth, deep chips can happen on occasion. These types of cracks and breaks are generally consistent with the formation of large cavities that weaken the teeth. If one of these deep breaks occurs, then look across the top of your tooth for the appearance of pink tissues. If you see tissues, then the internal pulp has been exposed. The pulp of the tooth is the soft living tissue that is extremely sensitive and delicate.

You must seek out assistance immediately if you see the tooth pulp. If you act quick, treatments can be performed to save the tooth. If the pulp is still healthy with a consistent flow of blood, then a procedure called a pulp capping can occur. During the procedure, a material like calcium hydroxide is placed over the pulp tissues. This will help to stimulate the formation of new dentin so that the pulp can be protected. Afterwards, a crown is placed across the top of the tooth. A temporary device may be secured at first. This way, your dentist can release the cap easily to see if dentin forms and the pulp remains alive. A permanent crown will then be added.

If for some reason the dental pulp appears damaged, then capping cannot be performed. In this case, an emergency root canal will be performed and the tooth will be filled in. A crown will then be created to cover the tooth. 

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28 December 2015

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