Composite Bonding: The Most Versatile Service In Cosmetic Dentistry

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Having a great-looking smile can help you feel better about yourself, and it is amazing what dentists can do to make teeth look nicer. One versatile service cosmetic dentists offer is composite bonding, and this service has many benefits. Composite bonding can be used to fix a variety of different problems you may have with your teeth, it is affordable compared to other options, and it is relatively easy to have done. Here are three important things you should know about composite bonding for improving the looks of your teeth.

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a material used to make teeth look nicer or to change their appearance. It is made of a resin-like material and is in the form similar to putty. The resin used in dentistry is made up of a mixture of plastic and glass. It can be tinted to match any shade of teeth, and it is extremely easy to work with.

When a dentist uses bonding to fix problems with teeth, he or she begins the process by preparing the tooth. This typically involves cleaning the tooth really well and then etching it. Etching a tooth simply makes the texture of the tooth rough, and this allows the composite bonding material to stick well. Once this is complete, the dentist can apply the putty material to the tooth and mold it. As soon as it looks the way it should look, the dentist will dry it with a laser or light. If necessary, the dentist will mold it further to make it look as nice as possible.

What Can It Be Used For?

If you have multiple issues with the way your teeth look, you might be able to have all of the issues fixed with composite bonding. This is the only type of dental procedure that can be used to fix dozens of different problems with teeth, and here are some of the things it can be used for:

  • Chipped teeth – Dentists can apply the material to the chipped part of a tooth to fill in the missing part.
  • Discolored teeth – When a dentist applies the material over teeth, it will change the color of the teeth.
  • Sensitive teeth – Teeth often become sensitive when the enamel wears off the teeth. Applying composite bonding to them protects the teeth and acts as a layer of enamel, and this will reduce sensitivity.
  • Gaps between teeth – Gaps between teeth can lead to gum problems and can look bad. This material can be added to the two teeth by the gap, and this will cause the gap to close.
  • Poorly shaped teeth – Dentist are also able to reshape teeth or make them bigger using composite resin.

There are additional things dentists can do with composite bonding, and your dentist can determine what your mouth needs.

What Are The Main Benefits Of This Option?

There are two main benefits of choosing composite bonding for problems you have with your teeth:

  1. It requires only one appointment – Depending on what problems you have with your teeth, there may be other ways to fix them, but most methods will require at least two appointments. For example, if you want to choose veneers to extend the length of your teeth, you will have to visit your dentist twice to have this completed. If you choose composite bonding for this issue, your dentist can complete it in one visit.
  2. It costs less – The price of bonding is typically significantly less expensive than the cost of veneers or dental crowns, which are both alternative treatment options for tooth problems.

If you are interested in learning about how composite bonding can improve the way your smile looks, you should contact a cosmetic dentist in your area to schedule a consultation appointment. You can also visit sites like to learn more about dental services and treatment options in your area. 


31 May 2016

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