Orthodontic Alternatives: Why You Should Consider Mini Implants

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When you are considering a dental procedure for a missing tooth or teeth, there are several options available to you. One procedure you may not have heard about is mini implants. Mini implants are a growing trend in the dental industry when it comes to tooth replacement. They are often considered a better choice than bridges or dentures. The following are some things to consider when you are thinking about getting mini implants:

There Is No Need For Flap Surgery

Mini implants are similar in benefits to traditional dental implants. The main difference is that they are smaller and do not require the complex flap surgery that is necessary for traditional implants.

They Are Less Invasive

A benefit to getting mini implants is the fact that they are not as invasive. They require no surgery at all, making the healing time much faster, often just a few days. There is also no need for bone grafts.

No Discomfort

Mini implants are not as uncomfortable as regular implants. There is little disturbance to the jawbone, so there is no need for prescription medication. Over-the counter pain medicine will typically suffice for pain control. You may also need an ice pack for a few hours if you experience swelling.

Short Procedure

Getting mini implants will be completed in one office visit. In fact, you should be able to eat normally the same day.

They Are Comfortable

Another benefit of mini implants is that they are more comfortable than dentures or other forms of removable orthodontia. They will not slip around or feel odd in the mouth, which is often a frustration for those who wear dentures regularly.

No Facial Collapse

A mini implant is fixed into the jawbone just like a tooth is. Because of this, you will not experience any facial collapse that will typically occur with bone loss.

More Affordable

As you know, orthodontia can be costly. Mini implants are much less costly than traditional implants because they do not require multiple visits or any surgical procedures. The lack of intense anesthesia is also a factor in the decreased cost of mini implants.

If you are considering having your teeth replaced, consider mini implants. They offer multiple benefits that can really have a positive impact on your oral health. If you are not sure about mini implants or if you are not sure they are offered in your area, be sure to visit different orthodontists, like one from  Kappenman Family Dental, to see what your options are.


9 March 2017

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