Dental Implant Options For Denture Users

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Whether you're currently using full or partial dentures, it's a very common thing for denture wearers to become weary of using dentures. The complicated task of cleaning and applying dentures every day as well as unreliable adhesives lead many denture wearers to look for alternatives. If you count yourself among them, read on to learn what your options are.

Denture Dental Implants

One potential choice for you is denture dental implants. In essence, your dentist can take your existing dentures and harness them into your jaw like they would new standard dental implants. This is done by installing a rigid metal post into your jaw bone and placing the dentures on top of that post. The post takes the place of a tooth's root and provides pressure to the jawbone when you bite down, which can help to maintain a healthy bone density. In addition, it also means you will no longer have to remove your dentures nightly to clean them, nor apply an adhesive to put them back in the next day. Instead, you'll just brush them like you would real teeth.


Unfortunately, there is one drawback to denture dental implants. While the posts installed in your jawbone will provide you with many benefits, your dentures themselves may not be up to the task. Some dentures aren't suitable for turning into implants, and others will break down over time with repeated wear and tear. You will need to discuss whether or not your dentures are appropriate for implanting with your dentist. However, there is a better choice that you should consider as well: standard dental implants.

Standard Dental Implants

Standard dental implants use the same rigid posts as denture dental implants, but with brand new, artificial teeth. These teeth allow for flossing and brushing to maintain oral hygiene, and are extremely strong. Unlike dentures, you can expect a dental implant to last up to 15 years, so you may never need to worry about having it replaced. They also provide the same pressure as denture dental implants, so your jawbone will stay healthy and strong.

Whether you choose denture dental implants or standard dental implants, there's a better option for you than having to take your dentures out every night. Choosing implants can save you from the time and trouble of adhering your teeth every day, making them a great choice if you're looking for a nuisance-free fix. Talk to an expert like those at The Center For Oral & Facial Surgery at Anthem to learn more.


31 March 2017

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