Moving to Another City? Schedule a Dental Appointment Before Leaving for Good

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Going from one apartment or home to another in the same neighborhood is an easy move. You may not even need to rent a moving truck if you have a family member or friend with a truck that can help. But, your move becomes a more serious process when you are moving to a different city. This means that you will be giving up some things that you have grown used to, but the move may be the best choice. It is an ideal time to schedule one last appointment with your dentist before you head out in a moving truck.

Check Your Teeth Before the Big Life Change

It is easy to get caught up with getting used to living in a new city for several months or longer. You may want to find a consistent routine before you start making commitments such as finding a new dentist. This is why it is so beneficial to get your teeth looked at prior to leaving for the new city. If you give yourself enough time, you can get the work that you need done before you move. You will at least know the condition of your teeth and can use that to gauge how soon you need to find a new dentist.

Get Cleaning That Will Last for Months

People who use the dentist on a regular basis usually get cleaning service once or twice a year. If you get yours done shortly before moving, you will have anywhere from half a year to an entire year until you need another one. It is a smart choice because it allows you to get adjusted after moving. You do not want to feel rushed into getting dental help from a new professional to see how well you like them. Since dental work is such a delicate process, you may need to see several dentists until you find the right one.

Discuss Your Move With Them

It will be important that your dentist sends your dental records to the dentist you see in the future. You can acquire the records on your own and use this as a way to test out new professionals. A new dentist that performs an exam should be able to give you the same information that is on your current record.

Although you may not particularly enjoy going to the dentist, you will greatly benefit from seeing a dentist before making a move that forces you to find another professional for dental work. Check out sites like for more information about the importance of regular dental check-ups.


6 April 2017

Improving My Dental Appointments

After dealing with a few root canals, I realized that it was time to take my dental hygiene a more seriously. I talked with my dentist about what I could do differently, and he was full of great suggestions that would help. He walked me through different ways to brush, floss, and take care of tartar buildup, and it was really amazing to see the difference that it made. I also started taking a fluoride supplement to strengthen my enamel. When I made it to my next appointment, my dentist was blown away with the improvement. This blog is all about improving your dental appointments by keeping your teeth healthier.