Fixing The Appearance Of Uneven Teeth

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Does this scenario sound familiar? Your teeth are straight, white, and seemingly perfect - until you realize that some of your teeth are uneven. Over time, teeth can become worn down, resulting in a lopsided look that can mar the appearance of an otherwise perfect smile. If you want your smile to be absolutely perfect, read this guide to find out how your teeth got this way and what you can do to restore their former appearance.

How Teeth Become Unven

Generally speaking, teeth get worn down from everything from eating to biting foreign objects. However, for most people, eating will wear down teeth evenly, since you chew and bite across all of your teeth when you eat. Unfortunately, this typically isn't the case if you bite your nails, chew on a pencil, or otherwise gnaw on a foreign object. Most people will chew on just one or two teeth, gradually shaving them down over time.

Even if you're not a habitual biter, you may have endured some damage to some of your teeth. Extremely hard foods like brittle can chip away at teeth, causing no pain but leaving behind significant cosmetic damage.


If you want to restore your teeth quickly, veneers are a great choice. Veneers are made out of resin or porcelain and are designed to match the appearance of real teeth perfectly. Rather than having something installed in your existing tooth, veneers sit in front of your teeth. They're adhered with dental cement, causing no damage to your existing teeth, and immediately give you the appearance of a perfect smile.

Filing Surrounding Teeth

Another option is to even out one or more of your teeth by filing them down. If your teeth are only uneven and aren't missing a significant amount of material, your dentist can carefully file away any rough edges or uneven spots. This will quickly restore the appearance of straight, perfectly-even teeth.


If your teeth have endured significant damage that's caused them to become uneven, filling the teeth may be necessary. If teeth are shortened too much by wear and tear, the underlying pulp, dentin, and tooth nerves can become exposed. This can leave you in a significant amount of pain and raise the odds that you'll develop cavities in the future. Thankfully, fillings can typically be done in just one dentist visit, and will get your smile back to normal right away.

To prevent uneven teeth in the future following your cosmetic dentistry, make sure to avoid chewing on foreign objects and avoid extremely hard food. Following these steps will ensure that your teeth look good for years to come. For more information, talk to a professional like Plymouth Valley Dental Group.


18 April 2017

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