Thoughts To Consider Before Choosing Invisalign For Your Teenager

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The most common time for people to get braces is during their teenage years. In fact, if you look around at a group of high-school kids, you may notice that a lot of these kids have braces. Many of the kids may have traditional wire braces, but some may have Invisalign braces. If your teen needs braces and want Invisalign, here are several thoughts to consider before agreeing to it.

Is Your Teen Responsible?

In order for Invisalign braces to work, the teen must wear them all the time, except when eating or drinking. Invisalign is very different from regular braces. Regular braces are permanent. In other words, a person cannot remove them when he or she wants to. On the other hand, Invisalign is removable.

If your teen is a responsible person, Invisalign might work well for him or her. Responsible teens tend to handle Invisalign well, because they understand that they will only work if they wear them all the time. Irresponsible teens might forget to wear them, or they might lose them.

Does Your Teen Play Sports?

Teens that play sports can benefit greatly from Invisalign over traditional braces, primarily because Invisalign does not use wires and brackets. With brackets and wires, playing sports can result in injuries to the mouth. For example, if your teen gets hit in the mouth with a basketball, it could cause the wires and brackets to cut the child's mouth.

Injuries like this do not occur with Invisalign, primarily because it uses plastic aligners to straighten teeth. There is nothing sharp inside the person's mouth, and this can be extremely beneficial for teens involved with sports.

Would Invisalign Correct the Problems Your Teen Has?

Finally, you will need to visit an orthodontist to see if Invisalign would work effectively for fixing the oral problems your teen has. For example, Invisalign works great for straightening crooked teeth; however, it has limits when it comes to closing major gaps.

To determine if Invisalign would help your teen, you will need to visit an orthodontist. The orthodontist will be able to tell by examining your teen's mouth whether these braces will work effectively or not.

After considering these three thoughts, you might find that Invisalign would be the best choice for your teen. If so, contact a dental office that offers Invisalign for teens to begin the process by setting up an appointment for your teen.


17 November 2017

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