Ways To Stay Calm During Your Dental Appointments

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Dental fears can be difficult to overcome on your own. Thus, you may not schedule the dental services that you need to maintain your oral health. Nevertheless, your dentist may be able to help you remain calm and comfortable during your dental appointments. Here are a few things that they may suggest.

Breathe Deeply

Your dentist may ask you to take slow, deep breaths to help alleviate your anxiety. Many people tend to inhale and hold their breath when they are nervous. The lack of oxygen only makes the feelings of anxiety worse. By regulating your breathing, you can reduce the anxiousness that you feel while sitting in the dental chair.

Turn on Music

You may not be able to carry a radio with you into the dentist's office. However, you can use earbuds and a cell phone. Select music that you find comforting and fill your ears with it. The music can help you focus on good thoughts and drown out any alarming sounds that may come from the dental equipment during your procedures.

Keep Sugar at Bay 

Before your appointment, don't fill up on simple carbohydrates. The sugars can increase your feelings of nervousness. Instead of sugars, eat protein-rich selections that contain tryptophan, a substance that helps to calm your system naturally.

Skip the Caffeinated Drinks

Like sugar, caffeine can intensify your feelings of anxiety. If you have a dental appointment scheduled, skip caffeinated coffee, tea, and sodas that morning. You can still enjoy the taste of your morning drinks by making decaffeinated choices instead. 

Ask for Laughing Gas

Dentists regularly use nitrous oxide, which is known as laughing gas, to help calm their patients. The substance is inhaled just before the dentist starts your dental procedures and does not have long-lasting effects. Thus, you won't remain groggy throughout your day.

Still, the gas reduces your anxiety and produces a calming, euphoric effect on your system.

Ask for an Oral Sedative

Dentists also prescribe oral sedation medicines for patients who suffer from dental fears. The medication is taken about 30 minutes before the time of the dental appointment and helps keep you calm and relaxed without rendering you unconscious.

Some oral sedatives even temporarily affect your memory. The short-lived amnesia that the drugs produce can minimize any negative memories of your dental procedure. 

If you suffer from dental anxiety and would like to learn more ways to keep your comfortable during dental appointments, schedule a consultation with a dentist that performs sedation dentistry in your local area.


22 January 2019

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