Reasons You Should Get Quick Help For A Toothache

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If you have a toothache that comes and goes, you may put off going to the dentist. You may be a person who doesn't complain about pain, so you just push through a toothache. However, seeing a dentist for prompt treatment is important because the longer you delay, the worse your pain may get, and being in pain is no fun. These are reasons to get quick help for a toothache even if it seems minor.

A Filling Is More Affordable Than A Crown

A filling is one of the more affordable dental treatments you can get. When a cavity is caught when it's small, a simple filling may be all you need to fix your problem. Once the cavity gets too big, there won't be enough tooth left to hold a filling in place, and that means you'll have to pay for a crown. It's also common for a cavity that advanced to be infected, and when that happens, you may need a root canal to clean the infection out of the root of your tooth. That adds to the cost of treating your toothache significantly. So, if for no other reason, you should get a cavity filled at the first sign of a toothache because it could cost you less than if you wait and the cavity grows.

Also, there's always the risk of the toothache pain escalating at an inconvenient time, such as the middle of the night or on a holiday when your dentist is closed. Then, you'd have to suffer or go to an emergency dentist, and that could add to the cost and force you to pay for treatments at a time when it might not be convenient financially.

An Infection Can Spread

If you put off getting a filling and the infection spreads to the root of your tooth, the infection may also spread to your gum or bone. Your face might swell, and the infection might even get into your bloodstream and spread around your body. A dental infection is a serious matter, and it needs prompt treatment. You want to avoid an abscessed tooth if at all possible, and one way to do that is to get a cavity filled when it's still small.

A Filling Is An Easier Procedure To Endure

If you're putting up with a toothache because you have a dental phobia, consider that the treatments you may need by delaying could be much more difficult to endure. While your tooth will be numbed even if you have a root canal, the procedure will take longer, and when you get a crown, you usually have to make at least two dental visits. By filling a small cavity, you can have the work done quickly and in a single visit, which is preferable when you fear going to the dentist.

One of the best reasons to have a toothache cared for by a dentist promptly is so you don't have to put up with pain. Even mild pain can make you feel miserable and make it difficult to eat. So, when you begin to notice pain in a tooth, whether it's mild or severe, call your dentist office to make an appointment for treatment.


12 September 2019

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