Want Whiter Teeth? Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Laser Whitening And Trays

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If you want to whiten your teeth, professional whitening is the way to go since it's safer and you'll see results quicker than at-home options. There are a few ways your cosmetic dentist can help you whiten your teeth. One option is laser whitening; another option is customized bleaching trays. Read on to see the pros and cons of both options so you can pick the procedure that best suits your needs.

What Are Some Advantages of Laser Whitening?

Like bleaching trays, laser whitening still involves a concentrated bleaching agent. The main advantage of laser whitening, however, is that the laser accelerates chemical components of the bleaching gel, decreases the time of the whitening procedure, and is more efficient.

Not only is laser whitening more efficient, but you can also get your desired results in only a couple of visits. With in-office bleaching trays, it may take longer to get your desired shade.

Are There Disadvantages?

One downside of laser whitening is there is an increased chance of tooth sensitivity. However, one study found that low-level laser therapy with an infrared diode laser could reduce the intensity of sensitivity after a bleaching session.

Another possible downside is that there is a risk of pulp inflammation after laser whitening. But again, near-infrared lasers could improve the inflammatory response of the pulpal tissue and possible sensitivity.

Your dentist can work with you to reduce your sensitivity levels, or you could opt for bleaching trays instead.

What Are Some Advantages of In-Office Bleaching Trays?

Laser whitening can be more expensive than an in-office bleach tray, so if you want long-term results, in-office bleaching may be a better route in terms of cost.

You are also less likely to have tooth sensitivity with the tray method compared to laser whitening.

Another advantage of in-office bleaching trays is that some can be taken home with whitening gel pens. Some people like this option because they still get the DIY route, but the dental products are superior to over-the-counter products from the store. Customized whitening trays can last years, and you only need a little gel from the pens for touch-ups.

Are There Disadvantages?

During laser whitening, your gums will be protected with a dental dam. With trays, your gums will still be protected, but whitening gel may seep up to the tray's edge and cause temporary irritation at the gum line.

Compared to laser whitening, tray whitening takes longer to get results, so you may require more in-office appointments or at-home applications.

Ultimately, while each procedure has some drawbacks, whitening on the whole is a very safe dental procedure. Both whitening methods can drastically change your tooth shades. Reach out to a cosmetic dentist today to help you figure out the best method for your budget and aesthetic goals.


30 October 2020

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