Planning To Get Dental Implants? What To Expect During Recovery

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Dental implants can be life-changing. If you are going from teeth that are in poor health to brand new dental implants, you have to understand how the process works. One of the biggest concerns you may have about dental implant surgery is the recovery process. Keep in mind that the recovery period is important and proper care will help ensure a successful outcome. The following are some things you can expect to experience after getting your dental implants:

What Happens Right After You Get Dental Implants?

After the implants are placed, the area will be covered in gauze, which you need to leave in place until the bleeding stops. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to properly care for the area right after the surgery. If you continue to experience bleeding after a period of time, you need to replace the gauze and check it a few times an hour. A small amount of oozing and bleeding is normal. If the bleeding seems continuous and does not stop, you need to call your doctor.

You should receive some prescriptions after your dental implants. You will need to take some antibiotics to prevent the possibility of infection to the site. You will also get a prescription for pain relievers. This medication may or may not be necessary. Take the medication as you need it.

In addition, you need to ice your jaw to help stop swelling and prevent additional pain. Avoid any physical exertion for the first day or so and take the time to rest. Also, plan to only eat very soft foods. Your doctor may advise you to remain on a liquid-only diet for the first 24 hours or so.

What Should You Expect Within a Week of Your Surgery?

Within a week of your surgery, the pain and swelling should decrease. Any stitches you have should begin to dissolve at this time. If you do not have stitches that dissolve, your doctor will have you come back to the office to have them removed. It is likely you do not need pain medication any longer. If you are still in pain after a week or so, you should call your doctor. At this point, you can begin to transition to a more typical diet but be mindful when eating anything hard or sticky.

Your doctor may have you return to the office to check your healing and to see how your implants are fitting.

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29 December 2021

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